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Mi Mi's / other one

My 20 month old loves her "Mi mi''s" she sees them and starts to giggle. She also tells me they are mm mm good.


My daughter calls it "Mi-mi". I was trying to teach her "milk" for the code word, but she calls it mi-mi instead. She is 2 and still happy to have her mi-mi. Sometimes she cocks her head to one side and says in a very sweet voice, "More mi-mi, please?". It too cute to resist!


My daughter Sophie is 12 months old. She's just learning a few words. When she wants to nurse she says MMMMMMM! This is quite different from the way she calls me MaMa. I ask her if she wants milk, and she vigorously shakes her head yes, and tugs at my shirt.


My children have all called it "munching" - we encouraged that name though - most people didn't think anything of it when they hear a toddler say "I want to munch!"


My daughter who was breastfed until 2 1/2 yrs. old called it her "nee-nee naw nees".


My two babes call breastfeeding "ni-ni" which is milk in babytalk Chinese ... this secret code only backfires on us when we go to a Chinese restaurant or other places "Chinese" ... but usually I just get an understanding nod and smile. Many country folk in China still breastfeed their babies, carry their babies, and sleep with them, and consider their precious treasure a 24 hour affair ... as soon as they are old enough (to go to school) kiddies have to start pulling some of their own. After four our five generations here in Canada, "modern city life" prevails, all is forgotten, and we'll unfortunately get a rap on the knuckles for spoiling our babes ;-(rnSam breastfed for 18 months and gave up his ni-ni for his "moi-moi" baby sister. Kate is still drinking "this side, or that side ni-ni, or wet ni-ni" at 19 months plus.

Ninny (2)

My DS is only 6 months old but we around the house have referred to it as Ninny.

Num-num / Goo

My first daughter called it "Goo"...short for Good Juice. My second daughter calls it "Num-num".


That is what my Nellie used to call it.


My first DD (now 3.5 yrs) nursed until 20 months; she called it nur-nur. My 2nd DD (now 12.5 mths) still nursing, also calls it nur-nur.

Nursies / Nee

My daughter is 14 months old and does not call it "nursies", but shortens it to "nee". Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this is sweet!! :)


Jane, my daughter Siena is aged three and a quarter, and still loves to breastfeed. She is very articulate about it. We call it "doing pecho," because pecho means breast in Spanish; I wanted to give her an accurate word but not a word that would cause embarrassment if shouted out in our mostly English-speaking society. She says "I want to do some pecho" when she wants to nurse, and she also says "I need your hair" if I have it pinned up, because her nursing routine includes playing with my hair.


I tried weaning my little girl at 19 months but she persisted. She now likes to rub them and give me the old nudge, nudge, wink wink look and suggest I give her POP! I think it's cute how she thinks that we should just keep it between she and I now that everyone thinks she is weaned.

Sit Down Gink

My youngest daughter used to just guide me to a chair. My middle son used to just pull up my shirt, something I got so used to I didn't notice until I saw my brothers wedding photos. Fran stopped breastfeeding when she was 3 when someone said it was milk, milk she said I don't like milk and stopped just like that.

Summa Milk

My 2 year old calls breastfeeding "Gimme summa milk!" or "I need some!"

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