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Hey Guys! More than a Cracking Pair

Written by  Tee Ashford
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Hey Guys! More than a Cracking Pair

by Tee Ashford


They grow in all shapes and sizes. Creating quite a stir wherever they go. Small perky ones. Buoyant handfuls, more than just handfuls and some larger than life itself. Being a man makes you especially partial, to one or the other, or maybe all, if you're that way inclined. Some of you have a real problem, averting your eyes, which is very frustrating for the woman who would rather be recognized for her face than her so called "assets"....

We've all heard the derogatory jokes and pet names. Tits, boobs, melons, rosebuds, jugs (coming from the Latin word ampullae, the enlarged duct terminal at the base of the nipple). Calling them by their proper name is just tooooooo, embarrassing. We are more used to seeing these "assets" selling magazines, cars and beer. I thought it was time; we began to realize their real purpose and potential!

When you see the next women walking erotically along the shoreline with breasts jiggling and safely harnessed in a little Versace number, which in turn puts pressure on your lungs because you're hypo ventilating due to excitement. Remember that these precious soft mounds of flesh are capable, all on there own, along with the mother of course, of nourishing a child exclusively for the first six months of his/her life, sometimes even longer. Given the right circumstances and knowledgeable support before and after the baby is born from a Midwife or Lactation Consultant, these babies will double their weight on breast milk alone.

Those nipples and areolas (the area around the nipple) are a soft brown colour, becoming darker during pregnancy, not so you can pick them out at 50 metres in the dark. Instead if given the chance, immediately after birth, a baby can be laid on it's mothers tummy and crawl it's way to the breast and "self attach", taking their first comforting moments of oral satisfaction. The baby can locate the areola and nipple, more clearly, with their as yet immature unfocused eyes.

During pregnancy the breasts increase in size, WOW you say. This isn't for your "tit"illation. The blood supply increases, the network of veins become more apparent, all in preparation for the onslaught of mothers liquid gold.

All mammalian milk is species specific and we are after all, mammals. Even though some of us think we're God like. Human milk is a very precious commodity. No more precious than any other milk meant to feed it's infant, but over the years human breast-feeding has been left out in the cold and given bad press. Considering it is the best milk we can give to our babies only ....% feed past two weeks, .....% past six weeks and ....% to the recommended 6 months and beyond. We are the only species who routinely give their infants substitute milk, why??????

During the turn of the century the medical profession got all scientific and obsessed with numbers. Victorian breasts had to be hidden away. Breast-feeding became a rather vulgar occupation, especially in the upper classes. A breast-feeding child was marked by the devil, because you didn't do that sort of thing! Breasts belonged to men in the bedroom ensconced in a pretty decolletage and not for babies as nature intended. Women resorted to "closet" feeding and in affluent societies "wet nurses" took off, big time, (surrogate lactating mothers, prepared to feed another women's child). Less of this background information and back to the obsession with numbers.

Human beings are controlling creatures. The idea of not being able to see what a breast fed baby ingested in fl oz (milliliters), trusting nature to do it's job, was a temptation to huge to be ignored. The medics/pediatrics avidly watched and noted how much substitute milk disappeared from those forced bottle Glossary Link munching, babies. They clock watched too. They then applied the average time it took to drink a certain amount, how long it took the child to scream in hunger for more, to breast feeding infants, because it made them feel more secure in an area where little was known. BIG MISTAKE.

Just as we all have different fingerprints, so women have different breasts. The rules for scientific 3 - 4 hourly feeds (as it turned out) attributed to formulae fed babies (otherwise known as schedule feeding) may work for some breast feeding women, for most it will not! Human milk production and its very fine balance of supply and demand can be easily affected in the early weeks. Our desire to have "GOOD BABIES" leads many parents into believing that these strict regimens teach our babies to behave. Most people don't realize that formulae stays in the gut far longer than human milk. Ounce for ounce, quite frankly there is know comparison. Human milk is so pure and well absorbed it leaves the baby hungrier quicker, with less deposits (poops). It takes less breast milk to feed a child than it does formula. Breast fed babies, by design, need to be fed more frequently. In our society this is seen as a failure, infact the finger is pointed at the mother. Her "milk is thin", "quality substandard", "there's not enough" are sayings often heard. The "told you soÃ" comments come flying and the bottle of formula lands. Over this last century, in particular, a women's amazing ability to exclusively breast feed her child, as intended, has been manipulated, mistrusted and even seen as disgusting. Don't you find it a little strange, that thousands of years of evolution should be doubted and more trust put into the invention of the bottle? What would you prefer to rest your head on? I rest my case.... Formula (mostly made from cows milk) was meant for the sweet little mooing things in pastures green. It should be given to a baby as a last ditch resort. In well-supported environments this shouldn't arise. Unless the women have a physiological problem with the workings of her breasts the problem shouldn't arise, the health system will have failed the parents, not her breasts.

The manufacturers of formula have for years touted; their artificial feed is equal to human milk, in some cases better. This is about as far from the truth as saying men don't like breasts. In underdeveloped countries unsanitised water mixed with formula can kill the infants that drink it. Manufacturers advertise their formula product for one thing only "MONEY". The only financial gain in breast-feeding is the money the parents save buying formula. Get the picture? Breast milk is sterile and much more!

Human milk is a living substance, varying from mother to mother to fit her child. It contains every viral antibody the mother has ever been in contact with. Babe gets a shot of protection Everytime he/she feeds. Human milk contains all the vitamins, minerals, iron, fats, sugars, proteins, enzymes and water. Not one more drink has to pass babies lips, even on a scorching hot day. A breast fed child will be less likely to suffer from asthma, eczema and a whole host of other little goodies (saving yet more money, this time on medical bills). I'd better get off my soapbox.

Did you know that well-established breasts can produce a lot of milk...Inextricably women can produce more for one of her children than another? It's as if the mother and child intuitively know together what the baby needs. A mother can even feed triplets, in one breast-feeding-sitting. Kinda makes your teaspoon of bodily fluid look rather paltry doesn't it, just from a volume point of view!!!!!

As you can begin to see and appreciate, anything to do with the breasts shouldn't be rushed or underestimated. Just as you like to fondle, twiddle and linger, so does babe. Breast-feeding isn't just about milk. Offering the breast, anytime, anywhere should be normal. A babe sucking is an urge of great magnitude, rather like you. They need to suck. They expend energy; derive comfort, security, love and warmth. It's their first social exchange. It exercises their jaw and aids the growth of teeth. Demand feeding as we call it in the trade, is instinctive and shouldn't be messed with. We should promote this fact and be in tune with it. Sadly this is a lost art.

As you can see, breast-feeding is a 24 hr affair, for many reasons.

Breast-feeding helps women get back to their pre-pregnancy state. It contracts the uterus (the baby bag as we lovingly call it at home). Helps some women lose weight. The babes sucking, vital for the production of milk, (another reason why it shouldn't be scheduled) stimulates the release of milky hormones, prolactin and oxytocin. These hormones also help a women relax. It's been proven that the incidence of child abuse lessons in breast-feeding families.

Feeding in public. Ohhh, now this is a contentious issue. But why? If you lot like ogling, why stop just because a women feeds her child. I was once asked if I would go and feed my baby in the toilet, whilst nursing in a cafe. I said sure, if you'd like to bring your lunch and join us on the toilet seat. Thankfully the manager (a BLOKE....) asked HER to leave.......... If you round up this information and think logically (most men are good at lateral thinking), you'll understand what a "cracking pair" we women have. Nature at it's best and most beautiful. Breast-feeding for many women is a passionate affair. Tuck this somewhere safe in your mind and when the time comes to share your life with the woman you adore and you both decide to have children, give her all the encouragement you can. She'll love you even more for it. Passionately, together you can watch your child grow, oh and her breasts..........

Breasts are beautiful; they also produce milk, the best pre-packed convenience food out there, now that's an advertisement well worth remembering...

Tee Ashford (December 2000)

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