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A Hearty Recommendation

A Hearty Recommendation

by Margaret N Miller


We had our first baby in 1940. The treatment then was to give "Twilight Sleep" to ease labor. This worked but it was quite a strain on the mother and child. The hospital stay was routinely 10 days! So, though I had wanted to nurse the baby, I only was able to provide an ounce or so at each feeding.

What to do? I asked our doctor, a fine, sympathetic, and caring lady, Dr. Elisabeth Larson, if it would be alright if I gave the baby the milk I had at each feeding and then supplement it with formula? Dr. Larson said that would be fine if that was what I wanted to do.

So, off to the baby equipment store to purchase a scale. We would weigh the baby before nursing, weigh hear afterwards and give the balance of the 4 ounces needed for each feeding in formula.

Things worked out well. My husband, bless his heart, did his part by letting me sleep all night to get my strength back and gave the baby every two o-clock feeding she ever had. This was only for about a month as by that time I was in full flow and was able to dispense with the formula.

Incidentally, this daughter, who is now 56, had the same problem with our first grandchild, but, by following the above routine, soon was on a full nursing routine.

Now, the only problem with this method is, it may be a bit difficult to get the husband to take over the two o.clock feedings, I was fortunate, indeed, with mine. He likes to brag that he gave our first child every two o.clock feeding she ever had.

So, you see, Jane, the procedure is very simple and, for me, is very worthwhile and worth all the effort to make it succeed. I can heartily recommend it to any mother.


Margaret N. Miller

(we will celebrate our 62nd next November. We have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren)

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