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My almost 3 year old son calls it 'tookies' which came from sookies (from sook instead of suck) which we always called b/f around the house. My sister's 2 year old daughter who is also still feeding has started using the same name, although she used to call it juice (or 'oos' to be more correct). It's come in quite handy in public as people assume we have super-intelligent kids who are asking for bookies to read. I think my 9 month old daughter will end up using the same name as it's become the name the whole family (grandparents/nieces and nephews included) use now which makes it really special to us. By the way, I thought of something to add to the email I sent you telling you that my son calls bf tookies - it's not strictly about the name, but I thought you might be interested anyway. Over the last few months he's developed a neat wee theory of how bf works. Since I''m feeding both him & his little sister he quite often refers to 'tooking milk back in the other one' (he thinks when he feeds on one side it fills up the other side) & he uses this as an argument to get fed first (fortunately it works the other way round, too, and I can persuade him that when my daughter gets tookies she's filling up his side for him). I'd be really interested to know if other toddlers have their own bf theories.

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