Names given by children for Breastfeeding

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Tay-yay / Milky

My first son, now 26, called it tayyay since he couldn't say 'titty' like his grandmom called it! I nursed him past 7 years. He's a handsome strapping wonderful person, Eagle scout, pilot, engineer, scuba-diver, snowboarder, and now happily married man about to learn to fly helicopters for the National Guard. His last job was as a log-cabin builder.

My now 22-year old daughter called it milky. She also nursed a few times after her 7th birthday and is also beautiful, compassionate and a daredevil. She finished an Outward Bound instructors course before she was 21, and has traveled to Australia to study for a semester and learn to scuba dive on the Great Coral Reef.

My 11 year old weaned himself at 4 1/2 years because he didn't like the flavor of coffee I''d started drinking a couple of years before. He's 4 years ahead in Mathematics, taking algebraic geometry at the high school, and he is also a professional actor in the local, highly-acclaimed dinner theater.

Nursing them helped with their confidence levels very much. Homeopathic medicines also helped with rapid recovery from bumps and bruises and concussions in their sports injuries, so they are all very avid sportsmen - MVP and team captains.

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