Names given by children for Breastfeeding

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Jane, my daughter Siena is aged three and a quarter, and still loves to breastfeed. She is very articulate about it. We call it "doing pecho," because pecho means breast in Spanish; I wanted to give her an accurate word but not a word that would cause embarrassment if shouted out in our mostly English-speaking society. She says "I want to do some pecho" when she wants to nurse, and she also says "I need your hair" if I have it pinned up, because her nursing routine includes playing with my hair.


I tried weaning my little girl at 19 months but she persisted. She now likes to rub them and give me the old nudge, nudge, wink wink look and suggest I give her POP! I think it's cute how she thinks that we should just keep it between she and I now that everyone thinks she is weaned.

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