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My two babes call breastfeeding "ni-ni" which is milk in babytalk Chinese ... this secret code only backfires on us when we go to a Chinese restaurant or other places "Chinese" ... but usually I just get an understanding nod and smile. Many country folk in China still breastfeed their babies, carry their babies, and sleep with them, and consider their precious treasure a 24 hour affair ... as soon as they are old enough (to go to school) kiddies have to start pulling some of their own. After four our five generations here in Canada, "modern city life" prevails, all is forgotten, and we'll unfortunately get a rap on the knuckles for spoiling our babes ;-(rnSam breastfed for 18 months and gave up his ni-ni for his "moi-moi" baby sister. Kate is still drinking "this side, or that side ni-ni, or wet ni-ni" at 19 months plus.

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