Names given by children for Breastfeeding

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Mammie Drinken

I just saw your webpage and Mummy''s Drink mentioned. Saskia, my youngest, started out using a sign, she''s thump herself on the chest, like a monkey. Then she started calling it "dinke" (she speaks Dutch) and finally "Mammie drinken", until she weaned at around 3.5. She still regularly speaks lovingly of her memories of "mammie drinken" and sometimes mentions it''s too bad there is no more left.

Mee-mar / Milkies

Mee-mar - I called it milkies when talking about it to my second son. As he began to talk, he took over the word and made it his own. Now we all talk about mee-mar - useful when in public!


My daughter called them Meemees - made it up from what we don't know! and we call them that for the second baby.

Mi Mi's / other one

My 20 month old loves her "Mi mi''s" she sees them and starts to giggle. She also tells me they are mm mm good.


My daughter calls it "Mi-mi". I was trying to teach her "milk" for the code word, but she calls it mi-mi instead. She is 2 and still happy to have her mi-mi. Sometimes she cocks her head to one side and says in a very sweet voice, "More mi-mi, please?". It too cute to resist!


My daughter Sophie is 12 months old. She's just learning a few words. When she wants to nurse she says MMMMMMM! This is quite different from the way she calls me MaMa. I ask her if she wants milk, and she vigorously shakes her head yes, and tugs at my shirt.


My children have all called it "munching" - we encouraged that name though - most people didn't think anything of it when they hear a toddler say "I want to munch!"

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