Names given by children for Breastfeeding

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Baa Baa

My baby Edek, calls it baa baa! you know, like the sound a baby lamb makes! He is now 2 1/2.


My three year old calls it "baboo".


My daughter always left the consonants off the ends of her words, hence it became just "boo." She nursed until she was 3 1/2. She still calls it "boo" when she watches her baby brother nurse. PS: Great website!

Boos / Boo Juice

My daughter who after hearing people call them boobs would say that to her baby sister who would then call them her boos and boo juice.

Brrmm brrmm / Booboo

Lizzie (who is now 5 and now fascinated with the fact she used to get milk from my boo boos (still calls them that and calls it booboo milk as opposed to normal milk), started calling it brrrm brrm brrrm brrm (sounded like a car imitation) at about 5 months and later went on to booboo . I used to ask her if she wanted more booboo when she was little - I guess brrrrm brmm was the best a 5 month old could do (I was mumumumum at the time).

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